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Digital Marketing Analyst 

I’m a well-rounded digital marketing analyst who also has account management experience in creative advertising agencies. As such, I can perform market research, develop marketing strategies, manage multiple projects at once, build and maintain client budgets, write creative briefs, write copy for various ads, media buying, and build successful client relationships.

Since 2013, my focus has been to increase client sales and market share via digital advertising and by using complex analytical tools that derive key insights and inform better business decisions. I provide detailed analytical reporting on website traffic and digital marketing campaigns, keyword research, developing paid search and display advertising campaigns, landing page creation with keyword optimization, Social Media advertising, and developing predictive models to measure advertising success.

Clients have spanned a variety of industries including Retail, Automotive, Professional Services, Quick Service Restaurants, Entertainment, Alcohol Producers, Lottery, Non-Profit, and Government Services.

Education includes a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) with a focus on Marketing Strategy; a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Philosophy; a Bachelor of Theology, CAAP Designation (Communications and Advertising Accredited Professional Program), Google Analytics Certification, and Google AdWord Certification.


Flashlight's Vision
Think back to an evening when a storm caused a power outage. Remember that feeling of being lost in your very familiar surroundings because of the darkness. Then experiencing that sense of relief when you find the flashlight after a very careful and bumpy search.


That's how I want clients to feel about their data and the digital landscape. Shedding light on what was once merely outlines in the shadows. 


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