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The ultimate purpose is to increase sales. Always.


Branding and creating awareness exist in digital marketing just like in any other marketing space. However, my philosophy has always been that no matter what the marketing strategy, there should be a path that leads to customer acquisition.  There are plenty of stores I know exist, yet never receive my patronage. I just don't see how that's beneficial.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the cornerstone of every digital marketing campaign. If you don't plan to monitor your site's traffic, then you'll be wasting your resources to engage in digital marketing. It's simply that important.

Imagine if a brick and mortar retail store owner could know: 

  • How many customers came in their store 

  • How people found their store 

  • Where visitors were located before they arrived at the store 

  • The aisles customers visited and how long they stayed in each aisle 

  • The items customers picked up and how long they held it in their hands 

  • Items customers carried around the store but set down prior to check-out 


That's the kind of information that Google Analytics gives to your website or mobile presence.  Flashlight is a certified Google Analytics service provider.

Display Ads

When advertising your business, there are three important factors to consider: visual appeal to grab attention, location to maximize exposure, and relevancy to improve response. This is why display advertising has become a popular practice in digital marketing today.


With its visual and targeting capabilities, display ads offer many benefits to a business, from visibility to brand awareness. 

Display advertising also:

  • Targets the people most relevant to your business

  • Supports remarketing

  • Increases a businesses visibility

  • Provides brand awareness



Paid Search & Keywords

More than 5 billion searches are made every day on search engines, be one of them. Everyone uses search engines to find 


Success hinges on your keyword research, ad copy, landing page, account structure & your ability to analyze your site traffic. At Flashlight, we're Google AdWords & Analytics Certified. Our specialty is increasing traffic and sales.


You need to be as near to the top of the results page as possible. 

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Website Audit

Most people don’t consider keywords and search results when writing copy for their website. However, including those keywords that are important to your business and at the correct ratio is very important to avoid Google penalties and to any digital marketing campaign.

Flashlight's Website Audit performs a deep dive on your site to examine content in relation to audience interest and keywords. We’ll make sure that your website contains the right number of keywords to avoid penalties while providing increased search results.

A competitor analysis is also part of the website audit. How does your site perform against the competition? Flashlight performs an in-depth analysis on how well your competitor’s websites work, determine their tactics and figure out how your website can adapt to get an edge over your competition. We will work together to find their weak spots and then help you use that knowledge to your advantage.

Content Management

Content will always be a very powerful tool in attracting and converting quality traffic. Smart and well-planned tactics work, but at the end of the day, if great content isn't there, success will be fleeting.


Flashlight will provide engaging, relevant, and keyword optimized content to:

  • Your website

  • Blogs

  • Paid ads

  • Social Media channels


Content is still king.










Predictive Modeling

How do you know if your digital marketing is successful? If you invest in a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign like AdWords, Google gives you an incredible amount of metrics to tell you how your keywords are performing. Everything from Conversions, Clicks, and Impressions, to what devices are viewing your ads and the time of day people are seeing them.

Despite all the amazing graphs, pie charts, and tables, that Google gives us it doesn’t paint a true picture of your digital marketing ROI.

The ability to accurately forecast your web traffic is critical in determining the success of any type of digital marketing campaign.


Perhaps you’re paying for the success that you would’ve had without any or very little digital marketing.

Predictive modeling sheds light on all scenarios.

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