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The ultimate purpose is to increase sales. Always.


Branding and creating awareness exist in digital marketing just like in any other marketing space. However, my philosophy has always been that no matter what the marketing strategy, there should be a path that leads to customer acquisition.  There are plenty of stores I know exist, yet never receive my patronage. I just don't see how that's beneficial.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the cornerstone of every digital marketing campaign. If you don't plan to monitor your site's traffic, then you'll be wasting your resources to engage in digital marketing. It's simply that important.

Imagine if a brick and mortar retail store owner could know: 

  • How many customers came in their store 

  • How customer found their store 

  • Where visitors were located before they arrived at the store 

  • The aisles customers visited and how long they stayed in each aisle 

  • The items customers picked up and how long they held it in their hands 

  • Items customers carried around the store but set down prior to check-out 


That's the kind of information that Google Analytics gives to your website or mobile presence. ​Flashlight is a certified Google Analytics service provider.


More than 5 billion searches are made every day on search engines. You need to be at the top of the list as possible to found. 


Building a Search Engine Optimization Strategy will be the most effective way to maintain consistent traffic in the long run. The backbone of a successful SEO Strategy is quality content generation, developing a backlink/website referral strategy, and increasing quality traffic to both sites. Achieving better organic results also builds consumer confidence and pays for itself over time. 
Successful SEO Strategies take a bit of time to develop, but the hard work and commitment definitely pay off. Tactics include:

  • Technical audit of your website

  • On and off-site optimization

  • Content strategy

  • Social media optimization

  • Backlink strategy

  • Metadata 

Paid Search & Keywords

Researching the right keywords to use in paid search is vital to a successful campaign. This includes building ROI models to ensure you receive maximum value for minimum investment.  
We will develop a list of keywords that are conducive to your site, are relevant for business development, are being used by consumers, and that will provide the most bang for your buck. We will use tools that will allow us to know what keywords our competitors are using and how much they are paying as well.


Using keywords in paid search can be a fantastic way to increase quality traffic to your site, which will also improve your SEO results.

Website Audit

The average website usually contains technical errors that negatively impact your SEO results. Flashlight's Website Audit performs a deep dive on your site to find and fix those errors, as well as, examine content in relation to audience interest and keywords. 

Usability and functionality are also very important. Before increasing traffic to your site, you need to consider what actions you want them to take and ensure your site has the necessary tools to capture and convert leads into sales.

A competitor analysis is also part of the website audit. How does your site perform against the competition? Flashlight performs an in-depth analysis on how well your competitor’s websites work, determine their tactics and figure out how your website can adapt to get an edge over your competition. We will work together to find their weak spots and then help you use that knowledge to your advantage.

Content Provider

Content will always be a very powerful tool in attracting and converting quality traffic. Smart and well-planned tactics work, but at the end of the day, if great content isn't there, success will be fleeting.


  • Flashlight will provide engaging, relevant, and keyword optimized content to:

  • Your website

  • Blogs

  • Paid ads

  • Social Media channels


Content is still king.

Social Listening

When you don’t pay attention to what your audience is saying, you’re giving key information to your competitors. What are your customers’ pain points? What do they love about your product or service? What are those in your industry talking about? Social Media Listening answers all of these questions.


Social Listening also lets us know how competitors are communicating with their audience, as well as, how engaged the audience is to the competitors’ brand. This helps set benchmarks for our future Social Media endeavours and knowing your competitions level of investment in Social Media can help you decide how much you should allocate to those mediums.  


You will know your competitors:

  • Fans/Followers

  • Engagement Rates

  • Posting Schedules

  • Post Contents

  • Interaction Rates

  • Interact & Engagement Type 


Essentially, Social Listening is like eavesdropping on your competitions in-store customer conversations. Don't you want to know what's going on? I sure do.

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