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There's an abundance of website metrics but what does it all mean? At Flashlight, we shed light on how those metrics can increase sales and your market share. We build accurate predictive models to truly evaluate success. 


Once you see what data-driven digital marketing can do, you'll dig data too. 


Traffic Generation

A great website that no one visits isn't very useful. Just like your physical location, people need to find you online. I use data-driven techniques and tools to increase traffic to your website.

Analytics & Benchmarking 

Creating traffic for traffic's sake is a waste of resources. Planning visitor actions are crucial for conversions. Analytics and benchmarking are requirements for measuring success or knowing if something isn't working.

Predictive Modeling

Clicks & conversions don’t tell the entire story. You need to know what would’ve been without digital marketing to truly evaluate campaign effectiveness. Accurate traffic forecasting is the key to success measurement.

1. Google Analytics

2. Paid Search

3. Predictive Models

Digital Marketing Strategy Roadmap

If you can't analyze your website traffic you'll have no idea if anything you try is working or where it's failing. Secondly, a targeted and intermittent paid search with targeted keywords will be just the thing to boost traffic when you need it the most. Lastly, you can't truly know the ROI of any digital marketing campaign without comparing what would have been without any digital investment to the actual results.

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